Friday, April 15, 2011

To be or not to be? Wrong Question.

As I seek to fulfill that which is right and true I am faced with choices and judgement calls, I have struggled with two questions that have naturally made their way to the front of the pile: In the words of that classic, romantic, writer "TO BE?" or "NOT TO BE?" I consider those practical moral choices, value judgements, and even life altering decisions that can take our hearts on a trip through the choosing process.

I would fight with myself in circular reasoning which honestly distorted the reality of the right choice; the choice which you deep down know the answer to, however, are allowing yourself fight.

Yes, there is a time for self-discovery (I speak of one's calling); however, I have met with people like myself who are/have fought that spark down inside that continues to surface: the right choice. That choice: you know its true because God has confirmed it in you--the topic keeps coming back--and there's nothing in God's Word that would keep you from this choice.

I would beckon today, that the question is not "To be or not to be"-that has already been confirmed. The real question should rather be "How to do?"

I have become into the midst of a few major decisions. Decisions of relationships; decisions of career. I find myself sorting through the clutter of people-noise, popular opinion, my ego, and even my unhealthy attachements the comforts of the Roads More Traveled. In both of these questions, I have known the correct answer; it has been clear for years.

Now I must submit. There is no more time for putting it off with the excuses of uncertainty and "To be? or Not to be?".

I must now ask myself, rather "How to do?" and seek guidance and decision from this perspective to build a plan and strategy for execution. God is speaking. Quit wasting time.