Tuesday, September 15, 2009

..Which transcends all we can understand.

Phil. 4:4-9

Even this day in my twenty-somethingth year of embrace to and of the presence of God, I am deeply moved.

Within the various realms of life, we can often see the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility at work. This law conveys that the more we consume of anything, the less exciting or enjoyable it is [subjectively]. Yes, I have experienced this effect in many areas. I consider how even my favorite cereal brands become bland when I get too used to them.

Simply stated: I have never experienced the effects of this law when remembering the presence of God and the true peace He has so generously given. It's like God has created every other kind of pleasure to be increasingly less satisfactory than Himself-He has separated himself (his nature) from the nature of anything else created.

When I step back to look at my life's timeline, even through the eyes of a Jesus follower, I kind of chuckle. Traditionally, some of the things we've witnessed first-hand have proven tragic or grotesque, yet while experienced hand-in-hand grasp to the living God, a true Shalom, as the Jews call it, overlays to trump any 'events' that come our way. This peace never ceases, nor does it diminish over time. Even in the sad face of my Mother's recent brain tumor-the tears were largely shed, yet God's peace never left our hearts. A full and complete peace. Yes, a peace that even transcends all of the things we can understand! It's often overwhelming. It is the presence of God.

These last couple hours or so, I've just had to stop everything to honor God for his leadership and peace over my life and to others. My prayer is that God would use this beacon of hope, better yet, fulfillment of hope, to beckon others to know God for who He is: He is the God of peace who has enabled us to know his peace in all aspects of our life stories, fully!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Regarding the Conversation of Value:

In my three years of study at Southeastern University, I have naturally come across the numerous discussions of humanity, religion, politics, and beyond. These passionate conversations, however they become, seem always to root down into our values. These values appear to become the determining factors of an individuals pre-suppositions and process of reasoning. The below is a conversation of value from a glance, which roots from my personal philosophy of effective understanding and communication, particularly in realms of heart and value. Such simple subjects, when processed in the right order appear naturally to find context and, therefore, community amongst its often diverse individuals of conversation.

Viewing the Marriam-Webster dictionary, value is widely defined, multi-purposed word:

1: a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged. 2: the monetary worth of something: market price3 : relative worth, utility, or importance value at the price> value of base stealing in baseball> value to say>4 : a numerical quantity that is assigned or is determined by calculation or measurement x take on positive values> value for the age of the earth>5 : the relative duration of a musical note6 a : relative lightness or darkness of a color : luminosity b : the relation of one part in a picture to another with respect to lightness and darkness7 : something (as a principle or quality) intrinsically valuable or desirable values instead of human values — W. H. Jones>8 : denomination. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, (Merriam-Webster, 2009)

From messages of relative economical worth, especially concerning the argument of what is fair; to topics of monetary measurement; numerical quantity; concerning the duration of musical notes; shades of colors; desire; and even denomination, value is a delicate word to be received and used only in the protection of a well-constructed context. Once a sure context can become established, only now, naturally, can an effective exchange of common understanding initiate.

Regarding the further decoding of the discussion: value, it appears vital that, as two, or three, or multiple individuals converse on such topics, an establishment of one of two bases become confirmed: subjective or objective value. As written by C.S. Lewis in his book The Abolition of Man:

“The doctrine of objective value [is] the belief that certain attitudes are really true, and others really false, to the kind of thing the universe is and the kind of things we are. . . . The Abolition of Man (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1975), 31-32’. (Williams, 2009)


“Subjective Value[:] …values are whatever we choose to pursue and whatever we desire. It means there is no such thing as good or evil, except what you think is good or evil. (Jeff Landauer and Joseph Rowland, 2001)

We can gather that as individuals begin to try to reason with one another to converse over the reason of what is truly valuable; we must recognized the diversity and contrast between the gathered value of that which is objective and that which is, therefore subjective.

With respect to the above, we can see that as we sit at the table of discussion to speak of the weight (or otherwise, weightlessness) of value, there are some who discuss a value that means nothing from what they can feel or taste or touch. In discussion, these advocates covey reason from a worldview that revolves completely around its object (hence, objective of reality) or source of truth. Some examples of such objectivity can be seen the value systems of world religions revolving around God or others made of gods or idols, various ethical systems, etc. On the contrasting end of this table of discussion sits the man to breaths and reason subjectively: from his own impulses and comfort he reasons. When discussing and weighing the meaning of these things which are ‘more valuable’ we must consider the object or subject from which each individual draws from for his discussion of such topics.

The theme of this document, as brief as it may appear, as stated simply is that the conversation of value as a general topic is incomplete. Value, generally speaking, and without a, first, deeply established framework would, therefore, fail and make itself out to pose a fallac. Furthermore, a fallacy in the world of words, ideas, and methods of clear communication-especially for the cause of reasoning.

If you would request further Citations/Sources of my research, feel free to message me :)


Above all gifts, from the Father, my King, I long to have a heart of pure innocent, cleanliness. In everything, I groan not even to attain masked rebellion. Clean like a white sheet. clean like a virgin child's mind, clean like water from the ground at the base of a mountain range, clean like new carpet, clean like hands that have become so thoroughly soaped, clean like Jesus has taken away my uncleanliness at His cross and resurrection; the rebirthing of myself in its deepest soul sense; a complete renovation of my mind to attain a heart of pure innocent cleanliness.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

To the be accompanied by Marche Funebre. Lento by Frederic Chopin


His head, which once balanced purposefully with didactic authority over masses upon the masses now lunged forward-came to rest over his bruised and blooded chest. In a crack of lightening--God-power, the Son of God was plunged into the deep where the temple of judgement has always waited to either lift or damn it's subject. Up the lengthy marled stretch, the King of the Jews approaches one thong-less foot after the other. Naked and unaccompanied, His mutilated, corpselike body slowly, yet steadily nears the seat of judgement. His body is expired fully, yet never appears to infirm the bowl of gold-attoped with His own blood of purity, submission, and soon redemption. His surroundings are blank, Jesus, the Christ enters the only fully fearful room of time and space. The structure remains while the air within vibrates at the royal sight of a truly noble King zealous with angry compassion for His sinful people; He adores them. Now the Christ moves fluently to the thone of judgement. With the grace of a young bride, the ambition of a young pursuing man, the tears of a new Father, the embrace of a long Mother-Yeshua approaches. Now in a crescendo of massive justice, seeming unjust-the cosmos shakes and tilts in struggle at the sight of innocent blood spilling from a bowl over the seat of damnation and heavenly glory and power.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Monday! I was just telling a friend how this last week has definitely become the fastest week of my life. Yes, time blasts when you're utterly having a blast. Make sense? Awe yeah!

What's new? As of now I am planning to continue on in the Southeastern University Tour-Team department. As I have become asked to direct/lead the group this year and beyond, I have begun the entire process of planning and preparing to pull together a 'dream team' if you will, of passionate Jesus followers who will lead teenagers and more at conferences, and other events that would request our presence. Super excited.

I have also become in a state of continuance of ministry at Victory Church. Thus far, my job has been pretty much to hold the fort while the church continues to develop an long term plan for the Victory Worship department as a whole.

Once school starts, I'll be backing off a bit to serve it up at Victory in the 'Underground' Sunday night church services and potentially a few other events as the year continues to move forward. This was a bit of a decision, however, I must remain true and excellent to the first reason I have come to Lakeland: to get a fine looking Bach. degree in Business Management-Three more semester to go!!


On another note-I have just finished a top-10 book on my measuring scales, The Shack. This has become a beautiful image of God personalized, yet natural intentions regarding our relationship to Him, the Papa, Son, and the Holy Spirit. In the book author Paul Young, portrays the fictional story of a man, 'Mack', who loses in treasured little daughter, 'Misty' to a grotesque pedophile. As the story progresses, God initiates a meeting with 'Mack' at the location of his daughter's murder, the Shack, a two-room living area located in the deep woods of Eastern Oregon. At the shack, God expresses himself to Mack as an African American woman, a petite Asian woman, and Middle-eastern man; respectively who we religiously would call , 'The Father', 'The Son', and 'The Holy Spirit'.

Through this entire meeting Mack experiences with the Trinity, he gets the chance to from across the table, to ask God the hard questions in life. In this process the book becomes somewhat of an informal, yet possibly subconsciously formal theology text. Although there were few scripture reference to officially cite each claim of theology, the message is summed up in the heart of God's attempt to regain us, that we would simply have community with Him, naturally, and effortlessly, and He has so designed us to BE with Him.

The book was somewhat of a challenge to myself, as I became aware of the dead religion that often sneaks its way into my own heart. I was greatly romance by this book particularly regarding my own relationship to Papa, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Beautiful!

My prayer is that God, in all of His fullness, would make me into a speaker of the truly natural relationship he has established-yeah just as natural as that of a friend, yet divinely more extraordinary. I pray that I will move away from the death of the score system, and begin to sow the message of divine romance and fellowship with this beautiful mystery we like to call God, and also with his people. Yeah!

Well, that's enough for now. Like I said-Have a HAPPY monday! See you soon.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Early Arrival Lakeland...

Wow-it was definitely the beginning of the summer since my last post on here. Sometimes I would consider writing a bit on the Blogger account yet my personal journal has continued to draw my latest contemplations. I'm sure you'll understand.

Well, I am back in Florida! I figured that this last flight over to the Southeast has been my 23rd time across the country in the last three years. From day one, each time I have flown back into one of Tampa or Orlando, a greater sense of homecoming is welcomed in my heart. Is it okay to have 2ish homes? (Portland, OR being my initial home.)

Many have noticed that this last flight has happened just a little earlier than the routine mid August flight to check in to my dorm here on campus. Indeed, I have recently become summoned to work with a local church in Lakeland, called Victory. Here, and now for the past couple weeks I have been working as a worship director of youth and young adults. This has become a wonderful experience for myself and apparently the kids I've been working with out here. Yeah, I'm definitely falling in love with these guys. Certainly, of all the youth I've had the privilege of working with, I've never encountered such a lively, ready for growth group as these. This church definitely knows how to party to the glory of this Great, Mysterious, King we serve.

I am also in the process of preparing for another position I have become summoned to fulfill as director of the SEU tour-team department. Yet another excited step into more growth at Southeastern. In this place I'll be leading a team of roughly 10-12 college kids in the adventure of touring across the U.S. in ministry. We'll be heading out in the country simply to show people Jesus through the music we play in churches, youth camps, conventions, and more. Growing up (in my college career in the tour-team department certainly has become a prime element of my growth in the realms of leadership and music, even teaching/preaching ministry.

Either way, I'm having the time of my life out here, just meeting up with my good friends who I haven't seen since the Spring semester got out. I just enjoy this town-thoroughly!

Chat soon.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Life is always wonderful!

Three days ago I arrived back into my homeland of Portland, Oregon for a summer's stay. This summer will become my first stay since my senior year in high-school to last longer than just a handful of weeks. I am so at ease here. Traditionally I would come home to frantically see and visit as many family and friends as possible in a relatively brief amount of time, however, this summer, I can take my time comfortably. Yes, nearly four entire months I am granted by this years schedule.

I am highly optimistic as I continue to meditate and even fantasize over God's plans for myself this summer. I am fully about his plan: the furtherance of His Kingdom, and the furthering of His work in my life; I have never had more peace and assurance over my call, destiny, and passion as I have been given now.

Regarding my call: I have always remained aware of the unique words over my life. From God himself, I have become directly summoned for work in his Kingdom, simply to help other to taste and know for themselves the transforming grace of God. This grace is so real within my own life, and has truly restored me to full joy from relational issues, social scares, and beyond. This is a true phenomenon which doctors have yet to fully understand, chemists have yet to dissect, and physiologists have yet to confess. I know, from personal experience that Jesus is the way to truth and life, and through Him we are restored back to life, you know the kind of resolve nearly every film will attempt to portray to gain viewers. PS-I'm convinced everyone is naturally obsessed to find this life; therefore to gain some element of simulated life from the cinemas.

Specifically, my strategy over the past several months, regarding this summer's stay in Portland, is in motion. I have arranged for a true immersion by an unofficial internship into a very successful, yet 'unchurchy' church: this is Solid Rock Church (ajesuschurch.org). I am continuing to arrange for potential speaking engagements-Yes, to encourage, exhort, and spur others into tasting. This, again, is my largest passion. Furthermore, I am currently in search of an apartment complex where I can initiate temporary church for this summer-sort of an evening church in the lobby concept.

These are my pursuits, vision, dreams, to directly fulfill Jesus' final words to the world, to go an make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and to teach all to obey everything commanded by Jesus. This is my home.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I am so excited to begin blogging on here. Call it all physiological but this site just seems a bit more peaceful than facebook, and will therefore, allow me to express my life in a more disarmed fashion.

I really don't have time in this moment (12:34pm) of the day. I have an 8 page paper which I want to complete before I head back to Portland for the summer. Yes, I'm just finishing up my semester out here in Lakeland, FL; I want to be sure I can minimize my computer/paper writing time while home, especially for my first several days at back. There is truly no place like home.

Well life is so wonderful: numerous thoughts to ponder, so many mysterious joys to embrace. I'll look forward to writing more later. This is really going to become more or less of a spontaneous blog, so ideally, later can mean 5 minutes from now, and even 5 days. Either way-I'm really looking forward to using this journal. There is so much life-and so little time to document it all, however, I'll try'n keep the highlights from missing this blog.

chat soon.