Tuesday, September 15, 2009

..Which transcends all we can understand.

Phil. 4:4-9

Even this day in my twenty-somethingth year of embrace to and of the presence of God, I am deeply moved.

Within the various realms of life, we can often see the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility at work. This law conveys that the more we consume of anything, the less exciting or enjoyable it is [subjectively]. Yes, I have experienced this effect in many areas. I consider how even my favorite cereal brands become bland when I get too used to them.

Simply stated: I have never experienced the effects of this law when remembering the presence of God and the true peace He has so generously given. It's like God has created every other kind of pleasure to be increasingly less satisfactory than Himself-He has separated himself (his nature) from the nature of anything else created.

When I step back to look at my life's timeline, even through the eyes of a Jesus follower, I kind of chuckle. Traditionally, some of the things we've witnessed first-hand have proven tragic or grotesque, yet while experienced hand-in-hand grasp to the living God, a true Shalom, as the Jews call it, overlays to trump any 'events' that come our way. This peace never ceases, nor does it diminish over time. Even in the sad face of my Mother's recent brain tumor-the tears were largely shed, yet God's peace never left our hearts. A full and complete peace. Yes, a peace that even transcends all of the things we can understand! It's often overwhelming. It is the presence of God.

These last couple hours or so, I've just had to stop everything to honor God for his leadership and peace over my life and to others. My prayer is that God would use this beacon of hope, better yet, fulfillment of hope, to beckon others to know God for who He is: He is the God of peace who has enabled us to know his peace in all aspects of our life stories, fully!


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