Monday, April 20, 2009

I am so excited to begin blogging on here. Call it all physiological but this site just seems a bit more peaceful than facebook, and will therefore, allow me to express my life in a more disarmed fashion.

I really don't have time in this moment (12:34pm) of the day. I have an 8 page paper which I want to complete before I head back to Portland for the summer. Yes, I'm just finishing up my semester out here in Lakeland, FL; I want to be sure I can minimize my computer/paper writing time while home, especially for my first several days at back. There is truly no place like home.

Well life is so wonderful: numerous thoughts to ponder, so many mysterious joys to embrace. I'll look forward to writing more later. This is really going to become more or less of a spontaneous blog, so ideally, later can mean 5 minutes from now, and even 5 days. Either way-I'm really looking forward to using this journal. There is so much life-and so little time to document it all, however, I'll try'n keep the highlights from missing this blog.

chat soon.

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