Saturday, April 25, 2009

Life is always wonderful!

Three days ago I arrived back into my homeland of Portland, Oregon for a summer's stay. This summer will become my first stay since my senior year in high-school to last longer than just a handful of weeks. I am so at ease here. Traditionally I would come home to frantically see and visit as many family and friends as possible in a relatively brief amount of time, however, this summer, I can take my time comfortably. Yes, nearly four entire months I am granted by this years schedule.

I am highly optimistic as I continue to meditate and even fantasize over God's plans for myself this summer. I am fully about his plan: the furtherance of His Kingdom, and the furthering of His work in my life; I have never had more peace and assurance over my call, destiny, and passion as I have been given now.

Regarding my call: I have always remained aware of the unique words over my life. From God himself, I have become directly summoned for work in his Kingdom, simply to help other to taste and know for themselves the transforming grace of God. This grace is so real within my own life, and has truly restored me to full joy from relational issues, social scares, and beyond. This is a true phenomenon which doctors have yet to fully understand, chemists have yet to dissect, and physiologists have yet to confess. I know, from personal experience that Jesus is the way to truth and life, and through Him we are restored back to life, you know the kind of resolve nearly every film will attempt to portray to gain viewers. PS-I'm convinced everyone is naturally obsessed to find this life; therefore to gain some element of simulated life from the cinemas.

Specifically, my strategy over the past several months, regarding this summer's stay in Portland, is in motion. I have arranged for a true immersion by an unofficial internship into a very successful, yet 'unchurchy' church: this is Solid Rock Church ( I am continuing to arrange for potential speaking engagements-Yes, to encourage, exhort, and spur others into tasting. This, again, is my largest passion. Furthermore, I am currently in search of an apartment complex where I can initiate temporary church for this summer-sort of an evening church in the lobby concept.

These are my pursuits, vision, dreams, to directly fulfill Jesus' final words to the world, to go an make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and to teach all to obey everything commanded by Jesus. This is my home.

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