Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Early Arrival Lakeland...

Wow-it was definitely the beginning of the summer since my last post on here. Sometimes I would consider writing a bit on the Blogger account yet my personal journal has continued to draw my latest contemplations. I'm sure you'll understand.

Well, I am back in Florida! I figured that this last flight over to the Southeast has been my 23rd time across the country in the last three years. From day one, each time I have flown back into one of Tampa or Orlando, a greater sense of homecoming is welcomed in my heart. Is it okay to have 2ish homes? (Portland, OR being my initial home.)

Many have noticed that this last flight has happened just a little earlier than the routine mid August flight to check in to my dorm here on campus. Indeed, I have recently become summoned to work with a local church in Lakeland, called Victory. Here, and now for the past couple weeks I have been working as a worship director of youth and young adults. This has become a wonderful experience for myself and apparently the kids I've been working with out here. Yeah, I'm definitely falling in love with these guys. Certainly, of all the youth I've had the privilege of working with, I've never encountered such a lively, ready for growth group as these. This church definitely knows how to party to the glory of this Great, Mysterious, King we serve.

I am also in the process of preparing for another position I have become summoned to fulfill as director of the SEU tour-team department. Yet another excited step into more growth at Southeastern. In this place I'll be leading a team of roughly 10-12 college kids in the adventure of touring across the U.S. in ministry. We'll be heading out in the country simply to show people Jesus through the music we play in churches, youth camps, conventions, and more. Growing up (in my college career in the tour-team department certainly has become a prime element of my growth in the realms of leadership and music, even teaching/preaching ministry.

Either way, I'm having the time of my life out here, just meeting up with my good friends who I haven't seen since the Spring semester got out. I just enjoy this town-thoroughly!

Chat soon.

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